Pattern Particulars

If you prefer a cleaner palate, or you’re a little adverse to too much pattern on the wall you can inject personality and soul with confining the more adventurous of motifs to curtains. Beautiful fabrics can enhance any room, particularly if you’re willing to be bold with your choices and contrast patterns with plains or even with other patterns.

Over recent years we’ve seen a huge resurgence in pattern of all types, but when it comes to geometrics they never really go out of fashion, staying popular by adding to their variety; design, colour pallets and motif size.

A window can be a great place to make a statement with the type of geometric pattern you could never get away with on a wall covering or as upholstery. Geometric curtains also compliment artwork really well and can help marry a room together.

Strong patterns like these aren’t just to be confined to a statement cushion. If you are bold with the fabric and use them on a big space the pattern somehow softens. If you don’t believe us check out these two amazing and very different types of geometric curtains in very different spaces.

Here’s a bold orange hexagon geometric used in a yellow retro room. Up close the pattern is very intense, but once used on this scale, it becomes less loud and more 50s chic.

Retro Room-4 copyRetro Room-5 copy

Not all geometrics have to be used in a vintage way. This silk geometric adds a contemporary and elegant look to this traditional Victorian room where a floral or plain could have dated it.

Dinig Room-8 copyDinig Room-1 copy

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